Hey-o all.
Idk if I’ve posted this or not but if I have I’m gonna be posting it again anyway cause I WANT TIPS AND TRICKS PLEASE HELP.

I’m trying to darken mi skin not like, painting over it but like, justmaking it darker cause I’m in a genderbend group for Nova as Fem!Fire Emblem and he’s BLACK. So I need to get mi groove on in mi makeup case and ugh.

I’ve ordered in some stuff that should help but idk if it’ll get here in time so does anyone know how to make bronzer less red and less shiney or make it darker or??????????

Disclaimer: This is not black facing. Black facing is derogatory and is when a white man paints his face literally black with greasy paint leaving his mouth and eye white creating a very offensive appearance for comical and ‘blacks’ degrading purposes.

I am trying to honor a character in a kids tv show.